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So Auckland....

and time to move on..

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This is going to be a really quickly written blog as I am low on Internet funds, but anyhow.

Arrived into Auckland at 7am on my birthday Tuesday 6th April, only to be told we could not check in to the hostel until 1pm. Nevertheless I met a nice dutch guy (called tim) and we went for some early morning "drinks" around Auckland. Having checked in the first few days, it was all a bit of a blur, bit of drinking, exploring the harbour area of this historic city and also going around the many different areas of the main street (Queen Street) seeing what was on offer.

In my room also in the hostel were Solveig &Camille from Norway. Lovely girls and they had given me a good insight into what life is like in Norway. I may have to visit one day.

I feel like im waffling here, but here is what I have done in a nutshell in the first week.

- drank
- been to the harbour area several times to catch the sun and soak up the Auckland atmosphere
- Been shopping several times on Queen Street
- Done a full tour around Auckland, the 4th biggest city in the world per hecter did you know!
- Met people from Paraquay, Argentina, USA, UK, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Saudi Arabia & Luxembourg so far!
- Looked for jobs in and around Auckland, but failed miserably
- Decided after going to look a bungee jumping off the Auckland Harbour Bridge, that I might just try it!
- Been up the Sky Tower (the tallest building in the whole of the southern hemsiphere)
- Done much walking around the city
- Eat things that would never eat back home (Mexican & and dare I say this thai food too)
- Spent quite a lot of money, Auckland is not a cheap place to visit
- Got annoyed at people travelling as a couple! why do people do this??? they tend to stick together and are bloody hard work to talk too when they have their bloody lips round eachother!

Anyway the plan from tomorrow (Tuesday morning) is to get the Kiwi bus tour and go north to a place called Painia in the North of the Island, then head back to Auckland and then travel southwards! its going to be an interesting 5-6 weeks, so bare with me as from now on internet access is going to be VERY limited!

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What happened in L.A & expectations for New Zealand

oh my!

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Well one week on from leaving my home town of Sheffield, I find myself sat in an Internet Cafe at 12:00am on a Wednesday morning Kiwi time writing this blog, and already so much has happened on my travels.

Having flown from London to Heathrow on Wednesday 31st March, I arrived in L.A to be greated at the arrivals terminal by a very large American lady, with the biggest smile you will ever see! "Welcome to L.A." she said to me, you need a ride?" We'll I did actually, but this lady was no stranger, she was actually the shuttle driver ready to take me to the hostel where I was staying!

So arrived at the hostel around 9:00pm L.A. I was staying in the Banana Bungalow in West Hollywood, however my paperwork I had received from STA (who I booked the trip with) told me that I needed to check-in at the nearby Orbit Hostel and then they would show me to the Banana Bungalow. However when I arrived at the Orbit Hostel (stay with me on this) the lady there told me I could not check-in there and that I needed to go to the Banana Bungalow. She gave me some very poor directions about how to get the hostel, and this meant a mad 15 minute walk around trying to find it. Eventually I stopped an Australian guy who walked past me, and by chance he was staying at the same hostel as the one I was due to check-in.

Having checked in, I was put in a 6-bed dormatory. The room was fairly big, if not a bit basic, with a shower and bathroom that was shared with the other guys in the room.

Anyway having settled in the first night with a beer, I arrived back at the room late, to find three guys had checked in from England and were staying for the night (Tom, Lee and James from Dover) really sound guys, who were doing a trip around the United States, having been there since January, but told me that they were beginning to get home sick. They gave me some good tips about L.A. and told me if I was on my own, I should NOT walk home late at night on my own, because they had noticed some strange people hanging around the streets.

So in a nutshell in L.A. where did I see and what did I do (having to keep this brief as I don't have much internet time left) I went to the Hollywood area several times, saw the Kodak Theatre (where the Oscars are held) counted every single Hollywood Star on the Hollywood Hall of Fame! Went to Downtown L.A. (although not much there but offices) drank beer in a nice Irish Bar not from Hollywood most nights, went to Venice Beach (famous for Baywatch of course!) went to Santa Monica beach, went to the Beverly Centre (a huge Trafford Centre, but ten times posher) and did a tour of L.A. which included getting my picture next to the Hollywood sign. (phew)

Other people I met there at my time at the hostel included Jess, who worked on the front desk at the Hostel , a really friendly American lady, who told me "I was very polite, but maybe too posh to be travelling with a backpack" also met Jordan & Natalie from Ashton (nr Wigan) nice couple who had been travelling around the United States too and on the Sunday we all left, they were heading up to Santa Barbara and really nice small town on the west coast of California.

Anyway...then here I am in Auckland, 12 hours and 24 minute flight, long time and the flight was half empty, but could not sleep and now I am extremely tired! My birthday has been good and different. Spent the day drinking and settling into Auckland with a guy named Tim (from Holland) who I met as I arrived in Auckland)

Anyway more to come, but I really must sleep now people.


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Travelling to Heathrow tomorrow! as the travelling begins...

What can I say? FINALLY the talking is over.....

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Well, after weeks of chatting about it, feeling different emotions, saying goodbye to people for a few months and weeks of planning, tomorrow I go to Heathrow and terminal 1 to board the Air New Zealand flight to Los Angeles. Even by just writing that, I still cannot believe I am going to do that, but it looks like I sure am!
Came down to my sisters today on the train from sheffield, total train time nearly 4 hours! but the train was quiet and it wasnt as much of a problem getting my heavy rucsack on the train as I thought it would be!
Feeling wierd once more, not as nervous as I was this time last week amazingly, I'm very excited, oh course I am, what am I going to see? who am I going to meet? what is Los Angeles going to be like?
I think the other thing that will be interesting is tomorrow's flight is 11 hours and 15 minutes, yet its the SHORTEST flight of all four flights I am due to take on the trip! lol so that would be interesting, but thanks to James Bright I have my flight socks to hand.
I'm obviously going to miss my friends and family here in the UK and the UK way of life, but I am excited to experience culture from other countries and destinations. New Zealand should be amazing! Los Angeles will be very different to the American cities and places I have been so far & Hong Kong will be a whole different ball game!
Anyway think I'm going to chill out for a couple of hours, get a good night's sleep, refreshed for my trip to Heathrow and my long plane flight lol.

Next installment of the blog will no doubt be when I arrive in New Zealand, so a week today, keep an eye out for that!

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